Teenage Ace

Teenage Ace

This is a blog about the teenage aces there. Every post will be LGBTQIA+ positive and many will be able the struggles, positive times and experiences of teenage aces. Feel free to ask us anything.
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Anonymous asked: Your blog makes me feel at home <3 there are more people like me and you give such good advice! Thankyou lovely people

Welcome :) Glad we do that :)

Anonymous asked: So I came out as a heteroromantic ace to a friend for the first time ever today, and she just kind of looked at me, then shook her head, in a way that pretty much said "you're not asexual" or "you just haven't had the right kind of sex yet" or something doubtful like that. Is that common? If it is I understand why so many aces aren't out yet- it really is as disappointing as they say to have your sexuality invalidated.

It is extremely common. Every person except a few say that. My boyfriend hasn’t said it exactly but he thinks that and says it in different ways. Google Asexual Bingo. Its things you will hear…coming out as ace as hard.


Anonymous asked: Niki says s/he's seen 13 year olds identify as ace. Does s/he think that's a bad thing? I have a friend who's a few years younger than me who identifies as ace, and as an ace person I don't see anything wrong with that.

Nope, never, I was15 when ID as ace, I just use it as an example.

P.S. Im a she :P


So Im at uni,

The queer collective doesn’t know what asexual means and there are people here who talk about it on random. Hm, should I join or should I not.

Sorry Im so MIA, my life has been cray at he mo.









Acephobia in the LGBT+ Community from the documentary (A)sexuality. 

It is just…so fucking weird how threatened people feel when it comes to Asexuality.  I still can’t wrap my mind around it.

I’m so happy this post is being reblogged by LBGT+ people who aren’t asexual. I keep on reading posts by non-ace LGBT+ people of support to the ace community, and of being stunned by this reaction by a movement which should know better than to judge. AND THAT MAKES THIS ACE SO FREAKING HAPPY. The woman in the first photo expresses my sentiment. I know I belong in the queer/LGBTQIA movement. I want to belong. But I just don’t know if I’m welcome. I’m so happy that there are so many people on Tumblr who do not fall into the catagory of outright refusal of asexuality.

I know not a lot of people understand asexuality. And I know there’s confusion about it, about our experiences, and about how we fit in the movement. But let’s talk about this. Let’s have this conversation.

I mostly don’t delve into the ace tags, but I hear there’s a lot of ace-hate that and I really don’t get it.  I don’t understand how asexuality is threatening.

You know what I (as a queer ace-spectrum person) find most threatening?  Getting unwanted sexual unwanted advances from both queer and straight people. I’ve gotten them from people of all spectrums and it always makes me profoundly uncomfortable, and often unsafe.  It just boggles my mind how people are upset by the concept of asexuality.  That’s like getting really mad at someone who isn’t hungry.  What’s the point?  Just shut up eat your own sandwich. (And stop chewing on me.)

Wow, the fuck the people in those images.

Nobody has the right to disrespect anybody else’s sense of self. It may not be for, you but that does not give you the right to be an asshole.

We really need to push more for LGBTQIA+ to be a standard, instead of just LGBT, especially considering that even the B and T are already invisible in much of the community.

Not supporting some of us = not supporting all of us.

Who does asexuality threaten? 

What’s your damage if someone is asexual? Is that some kind of shattering blow to your ego, that someone may not want to have sex with you? Do you need reinforcement for your sexuality so badly that you feel the need to shun someone just because they don’t share it?

Pathetic and hypocritical.

Why would anyone have a problem with asexuality? I know it’s seriously a phenomenon, people hating on it, but why? I don’t get it.

I think the biggest thing our asexuality threatens is the fact that people can survive without frequent or at least occasional sex. The societies most of us live in are so centered around sex and sexual attraction that unless you can put up a facade that sex is important to you and you have it a lot, you become an outsider that can’t possibly be human or understood. Cause real humans thrive off sex, right?? Right?? Well when an ace walks in, saying they don’t feel sexual attraction (whether or not an ace has sex is irrelevant because if you say you have no attraction in the first place people generally just shut down) everyone’s built up walls on how the world works just shatter. Of the people I’ve come out to, who didn’t already know what asexuality was, the biggest question I got was “how??” and of course shortly followed by the usual “you don’t know what you’re missing” just to make sure we both know how important sex is. We stand out in an entirely different way than the other GSRM folks do, because the whole sexualization of society (the everyone has to have sex or be thinking about sex all the time part) doesn’t really have any effect on us. And that frightens people. because we’re different but not in a way the general public has been trained to understand.

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You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your identity. But remember, there is nothing wrong with staying in the closet until you feel safe enough to come out.

Do whatever makes you feel better.

You’re not an attention-seeker if you come out.

You’re not a coward if you stay in the closet.

Take care of yourself, friend.

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"you can’t be asexual humans have an instinctual need to mate"


"lol r u plant do u reproduce by budding?"


"you just haven’t found the right person"


"have you see a doctor?"


"you’re just trapped in the closet"


"cool. wanna get pizza?"


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Anonymous asked: I might sound really ignorant but I thought asexual meant that you didn't participate in sex or sex related activities. Is that what this blog is about or has asexual become a whole different thing or has it always been and I was just wrong??

hey there anon! I think, if anything, you are just a victim of poor visibility and lack of education about education. 

actually, asexuality is a lack of feeling sexual attraction. this means that when an asexual looks at someone, though they may find them attractive in other ways, they wont feel sexual arousal from the way that person looks. this does not negate sexual arousal (such as from hormones or viewing sexual acts like porn) or enjoying/engaging in sex or sex-like things. an asexual could have sex all day and have a blast doing it, or do it to make their partner happy, but they will not feel arousal from the way that someone looks. 

as an ace, i personally don’t know how to really describe sexual attraction, but i do know that i, and other aces, do not feel it. the name for what you were describing, however is called celibacy, which is the choice to not have sex or related activities. celibacy is a choice while asexuality is not. 

hope this helps!



there’s 15 year olds on this website who already know they’re asexual that is incredible just incredible when I was 15 all I knew was that I was broken and that something was clearly wrong with me. say what you want about tumblr but I think we can agree that spreading knowledge about alternative sexualities is something done really well here and to the benefit of so many.

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